ACADEMY OF AUDIO SCIENCES A fundamental objective of the BRS is the developmental element to train young sound engineers to the highest standard. This unit offers training, consulting, and technical services on all things audio – all the way long from capture to preservation.

The target market is: Students at a tertiary level to give a more hands on experience to contribute to their portfolio of evidence’s; Engineers or operators dealing with audio recordings in the dissemination and preservation domains.

The academy is well equipped to be ideally situated to provide: Studio design and acoustics; Audio signal flow; Console basics and layout; Analogue and digital tape machine basics, alignment, calibration, and operation; Advanced capturing (i.e. miking) techniques; Advanced tracking and mixing techniques; Mike positioning - Practical; Tracking sessions - Practical; Mixing sessions - Practical.

In addition to the traditional recording studio curricula, the academy provides: Advanced mastering techniques; Mastering sessions - Practical; Re-recording techniques; Restoration techniques; Audio forensics techniques; Understanding metadata; Ethics, handling, and archiving.

Accreditation is through affiliations with established national and international institutions. Concurrent applications for accreditations of the appropriate NQF levels and unit standards with the relevant SETA. Strategic partners of the academy include sound engineering schools as well as international bodies.
RECORD & PRODUCTION LABEL We are re-launching the Tshukudu (Rhino) record and production label with the aim of signing both national, continental, and international recording artists. We will provide the same or better contract terms and conditions than the current standard contracts, therefore attracting recording artists to sign with Tshukudu. The record label is a medium to long term goal due to the complexities involved and the highly competitive market.
RECORDING & MIXING STUDIOS Being rated one of the top 3 studios acoustically in the world, we can offer top class recording opportunities. The 3 studios are each designed uniquely to serve different purposes. They have identical control rooms each with different equipment packages, where:

Studio 1 can take up to 120 musicians, has 2 isolation booths, and drum area, all under a 30 foot ceiling. Its control room is fitted with the largest Focusrite console ever built.

Studio 2 is slightly smaller, and can hold up top 65 musicians, has 2 isolation booths and a drum area under a 28 foot ceiling. Its with lively room ambiance is suited for contemporary music tracking and production. Its control room is fitted with a custom-built Neve VRP96 console.

Studio 3 is a smaller studio designed as a versatile space to record separate instruments. It is best suited for mixing or sequence based projects and with its small live room space, voice and instrument over dubbing. Its control room is fitted with a custom built Solid State Logic SL4000G+ console.
MASTERING STUDIO Studio Four (new), with its specialized “living room” layout, provides a relaxed although highly sensitive environment, best suited for mastering, analysis and forensics.
PRESERVATION HUB The preservation hub offers consulting, training, and technical services in the audio(visual) preservation domain. It is fully supported by the Swiss National Sound Archives and other bodies accredited by the IASA and the AES. All services are provided at BRS or on-site, according to the needs, and will be coordinated nation-wide.
MUSIC CAMPUS The music campus offers a unique experience between nature (i.e. the garden) and acoustically perfect rooms (i.e. the studios). The environment is best suited for vocals, guitar, bass guitar, percussions, strings, and horns. 2 Fazioli grand pianos complete the circle. The music students work in close cooperation with the audio students, forming important synergies.
EVENTS, MARKETING & MANAGEMENT We provide management of launches and concert tours by key signed artists; Marketing and launches of concert tours by signed artists; Marketing of key partnership events; Events public and media relations. On premises we can host up to 4 conferences/meetings simultaneously. A flexible seating configuration with variety of equipment is offered to fully cater for all needs.
RESTAURANT & RESORT The resort is equipped with 18 boutique chalets which can accommodate 36 people. It has restaurant, bar, and small scale conference facilities. The BRS is well situated in order to be able to provide secure and private accommodation for recording artists, students, and all other guest.